Beaches and plastic

Took an early bus to Mbour at the Atlantic coast. A little north is Saly, which is more popular, but it’s rather too touristy there for me, with its big buffet hotels. I found a wonderful tranquil resort right at the beach.

To get on a bus, evem if it’s only a hundred kilometers, you need to show your passport. Twice. You are not allowed to bring live animals, firearms, or sugar on the bus. Haven’t been able to figure out the sugar part.

In Dakar, on the road, and in Mbour there are half-finished houses everywhere. Sometimes people live in the finished floors, sometimes not. Seems that financing is hard here, when you have enough money for a few more bricks you buy them and put them in the wall. Some day it may be finished, inshallah.

Walked a few km south along the beach to a huge and smelly open-air fish market. In the afternoon the fishermen return in their brightly painted piroges and sell their catch. Hundreds of little boats are pulled up on the beach; more are anchored in the sea. The beach is littered with plastic trash.






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  1. Boaz Avatar

    I have some bricks I stole from Prora, that I can give away.