This was supposed to be an easy walk to a nearby waterfall, in the foothills of the Rinjani volcano. It turned out to be a hair-raising trek on steep hillsides, on slippery bamboo walkways high above the water with more gaps than steps, big wet boulders, and through streams, all in a narrow dark and dripping gully with the stream at the bottom and very little view of the sky. Exciting!

Also went to the monkey forest, also in the Rinjani foothills. It’s not as dense as the jungle yesterday, and a comparatively easy walk on narrow trails up and down the hills, between tall trees. There are a few locals cutting things and carrying them home. If one of them hadn’t pointed out the monkeys I would probably have missed them, they are wild and hide from humans.






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  1. Jeff Kowalski Avatar
    Jeff Kowalski

    Wow, Fantastic! What a remarkable day you had. I’d love to have been there.