Diving at Lembongan

There are coral reefs all around the islands, some shallow and some on walls that fall off steeply. Global warming is bleaching corals everywhere, but here they are still mostly intact. There is a strong current, it’s like idly watching the sea life from a moving walkway.

We stayed mostly in shallow waters, much of it less than 10 meters and never deeper than 22. Shallow means better colors, but maintaining the correct depth is harder.

It’s still very hot here, even in the late afternoon when the boat returned. In Berlin at this time of the year everyone walks on the sunny side of the street, here everyone seeks the shadows. Ice cream is hard to find because of the demons.






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  1. Jeff Kowalski Avatar
    Jeff Kowalski

    More than 25 years ago, now, I told Michelle that I would like to spend my final hours on Gili Meno, off of Lombok. Is it still that wonderful? Thomas, I envy all of your travels, and leave it to you to scout my next destination.