All about Dhaka

Dhaka is not a tourist destination and does not have tons of attractions. Today I was trying to best to mop up what they have. There’s the modest Hindu Dhakeshari temple with the usual colorful paint and cast of deities, the modest Lalbag Fort Masjid in a large well-tended green park, the modest Star mosque with its beautiful white mosaic vault ceiling that a caretaker with an impressive white beard opened for me (baksheesh), and various other modest churches.

On the way back to the hotel I passed through Hindu Street, and it so happened that they were celebrating Holi, the Indian color festival. I have been at one twice before in India. It involves throwing powdered paint at everyone and soaking people with water guns containing colored water. Of course I didn’t escape either, and didn’t try to, so my cheeks and shirt are now a bright violet, green, and gold. Fun!