Dhaka in Bangladesh

We all know Bangladesh as the place where the T-shirts are coming from, but of course there’s more to this country than that. I am in Dhaka, the capital with a population of 17 million. It’s an incredibly busy, loud, and colorful city, yet still very much developing. Everything is packed with bicycle rickshaws and buses so beaten up that there isn’t a straight line on any of them.

Down at the river, where wooden boats and rickshaws and even a few trucks are loaded and unloaded, it’s so packed that it’s impossible to even stop anywhere; the mass of humanity pushes everyone along. Normally it’s a good thing that I am a head or two taller then everyone else, but here that’s a problem because I can’t squeeze through the smallest gaps or get hit in the head by people carrying baskets on their heads. Chaos!

I have seen no other tourist today. This place is truly undeveloped. People call out to me all the time, smiling and doing their best to chat in English. The few who have smartphones want selfies with me, all the time. Especially around the former palace, now a very dimly lit museum with some stuff in it. I am grateful for the brief respite from Dhaka’s maelstrom of people and rickshaws!