Paphos is near the western tip of Cyprus. It’s a vacation town like Larnaka, but much friendlier. Much less traffic and no large hotel blocks, and no McDonald’s. Still synthetic and very touristic, but it’s nice to walk here.

New Paphos is at the northern end of Paphos. “New” is a little misleading because it’s over 2300 years old. The buildings are gone, most of the ruins are less than a meter tall – but an incredible number of intricate floor mosaics have survived. The House of Dionysos alone, now covered by a wooden structure, contains 550 square meters of mostly intact mosaics detailing Greek legends.

Further north are the Tombs of the Kings, mostly underground caverns hewn into the rock. They are unique in Cyprus because they were built in an Egyptian style. Like most tombs in Egypt, they were plundered centuries ago.