Divided Nicosia

After German reunification, Nicosia is now the last divided city in Europe. Right in the middle is the Green Line, an inaccessible strip filled with ruins and watchtowers, dividing the Turkish north and the Greek south. It’s a simple formality to cross from one to the other at the Ledra Street checkpoint though. There is a bar called Berlin Wall N. 2 Checkpoint Charlie right at a barbed wire roadblock in the south. All points of interest are inside the old circular Venetian city walls.

Where South Nicosia has shopping streets and orthodox churches, North Nicosia has bazaars and mosques. The south has western polish and is clearly more affluent, but the north feels more authentic. Lots of ancient Ottoman-era buildings in the north, although many are badly damaged and neglected. The north has too many cars; the south has WAY too many cars.