Turkish Cyprus

Crossing the border between the southern Republic of Cyprus to the Turkish north at the Derineia checkpoint is an experience. A normal city bus stops at the south side, then it’s a short walk to the two checkpoints.

On the Turkish side, the world ends.There is nothing there. For several kilometers, there is only barbed wire and ruins as far as one can see. It’s a lifeless wilderness with no buses, taxis, or people. Replace the gray weeds with sand and it would feel like a Mad Max movie. Probably a result of the 1974 Turkish invasion. I had to walk 6.5km to the city of Famagusta, my destination today.

Famagusta is charming, much more than Larnaka. It has a city wall, several picturesque half-ruined churches, a very walkable old town, and friendly people. It’s not an EU member, so mobile data went from essentially free to catastrophically expensive (€12373/GB), but everybody accepts euros. Got a beautiful apartment at Malia Let.