Zenobia wreck diving

MS Zenobia is a ferry that sank 40 years ago just off the coast of Larnaka on her maiden voyage, due to a software bug. It’s enormous – 178 meters long and 28 meters wide. It has three cargo decks and was carrying, among other cargo, 104 tractor-trailer trucks. It’s now one of the top ten scuba diving sites of the world.

It’s now resting on its side at a depth of 42 meters. Trucks are scattered around it. Most decks can be visited, but parts that aren’t steel have collapsed, creating big internal spaces. We went through the length of the upper passenger deck, through a series of narrow doors, 60 meters total. Lots of fallen partitions, cables, carpet shreds, toilets, and the forward gallery that is now a cavernous space reaching from the top of the wreck to the seafloor. Very impressive!