Tropical islands

It’s a long way by bus north along the coast, and I had to connect several times. All connections between different buses and the ferry worked like a Swiss clockwork, so I found myself looking at the lesser Parhentian Island from a speedboat in the late afternoon.

The Quiver dive center is strategically located at the end of the island’s ferry pier, and friendly dive masters hang out there and give advice on accommodations and restaurants. I’ll be seeing them a lot during the next few days, but for now all I needed was a shower.

Unexpectedly, the island is almost fully booked, but I got a nice beachfront “chalet” at the Senja resort. The island is more of a laid-back backpacker destination so it’s not anywhere as grand as the name chalet suggests, but the nights are cool and the sound of the surf comes through the open windows, and the variety of fruit smoothies is endless.