Jerusalem has a large number of attractions, most of which involve Jesus, and the bad time he was having at the end. I saw the place where he had his last supper, was betrayed and arrested, where he stumbled and held his hand to the wall (now a deeply worn stone because everyone puts their hand there now), I saw the drop of his blood that sank deep into the stone (and just happens to have the color of Jerusalem sandstone), and also the gloomy black tomb of his mother and numerous other places he has been to.

There’s this thing about all these places: nobody knows for sure. Usually, a thousand years or so someone pulled some vague evidence out of a hat and calls it proof, because Popper hasn’t had the chance to define what is a proof and what isn’t. The “proof” became dogma and a church or chapel or other big pile of stones gets erected there and all the pilgrims start sticking their hand into holy gaps in the wall and feel enlightened. Good for them.

Spent a lot of time just wandering through the narrow alleys and markets of Jerusalem. It’s very easy to get lost there and very difficult for a GPS unit to catch a glimpse of the sky.

I am staying in a very nice hotel but the WiFi was disconnected. Fortunately I wouldn’t dream of travelling without an RJ45 Ethernet patch cable, or you wouldn’t be reading this.