No elephants

Asia – images of elephants, pagodas, monks in orange robes, and noisy scooters. But not this time. I am in Jaffa, Israel, at the western edge of Asia. It’s easy to get here, there are no formalities of any kind and none of the interviews and inspections I was expecting. Israel is far nicer to tourists than the USA.

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city with lots of trees, if you ignore the hotel highrises at the coast. I chose a hotel in Jaffa, a quiet old town at the southern edge of Tel Aviv. And in this country, when something is old, it means that it was old when the Romans came.

The northern old town is, appropriately, a maze of narrow twisty passages, although not huge and all those art galleries and souvenir shops take away some of the charm. The southern old town is larger and doesn’t have this problem, and I have seen few tourists there. They go where the souvenirs are I suppose.

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