Logon to Maya

Malapascua is still unspoiled, beside the few dive centers at the beach most of it is still villages, fields, narrow sandy paths, and friendly people. I have walked for many hours on the island and chatted with people. They went through difficult times after the taiphoon, but there is a smile on everyone’s face.

But I need to move on, so I went back to Logon beach and took a boat back to the town of Maya (were you expecting a CGI reference?). In fact I missed the last boat and bought a bunch of seats to make another one go. I am one of those annoying people with more money than time.

After a five-hour bus ride, which went fine because I got a front seat (Asian vehicles are not designed for long European legs), I found myself in Cebu City. There is nothing to do or see there so I simply checked into a random hotel,  got a windowless room that looked like a prison cell, and was asleep 15 minutes later. Next stop Manila.