Diving in Sabang

Sabang is a typical beach town. Laid-back, slow, sunny, and not very crowded (a fact that has the shopkeepers very worried). The big business here is diving, and keeping the divers supplied with alcohol in the evenings.

I went out with a very relaxed long-haired dive master ate South Sea Diving who has been here for 30 years. They have a beautiful reef with colorful soft corals and fairly good visibility, just a few minutes by boat off the beach. Many fish, but no large ones. The first dive was a drift dive, meaning it’s hard to stop and look at things close up, like the wreck we were passing. It’s essentially a side scroller.

The dive master complained that the water was very cold, only 26 degrees C, but someone told me that it’s even colder at home in Berlin. Hard to believe, sitting here at the beach sipping pineapple shakes.