Floating market

Can Tho is a much larger town in the Mekong delta. There are tourists here, but most come just for the floating market. Those who stay get to see it when it starts, at 6:00, before the day trippers arrive.

All the farmers and fishermen load their wares on large boats, and park it on a wide section of the river, out of the way of the Mekong traffic. Smaller boats flit back and forth buying fruit, vegetables, or fish, and others are tiny floating lunch restaurants. I got myself a private boat, but there was a big tourist barge or two visiting as well. The market people pay no attention. There are floating markets just for tourists where little else but souvenirs are sold, but this is the real thing.

Afterwards my boat took me for several hours on a tour through the small side canals, and we visited one of the fruit gardens. Tropical fruit tastes very different if taken directly from the tree.