Ho Chi Minh trail

The bus between Hué and Hoi An is so boring that all I remember of the last time I used it is being disappointed that it uses the new tunnel rather than climbing over the mountains separating former North and South Vietnam. So I used a motorcycle tour that took me all the way west to the border to Laos, and then to Hoi An. Part of the road was on the old Ho Chi Minh trail.

At an overnight stop in Prao I discovered this little village in the fields, built from bamboo and wood. Had fun with some children demanding photos, screaming with delight. After an hour of that they led me into the village, and I made my triumphant entry leading a score of small kids and a couple of watchful older ones, with the smallest riding on my shoulder beaming, and several more holding my hand.

So I got invited by the village elder, and was served tea and fruit. On the wall of his house, the biggest of all, hung a picture of Ho Chi Minh and  certificates. He is also a North Vietnamese war hero from the American War, and put on his uniform with three stars on each shoulder, and many medals. He stood to attention for me to take pictures.