Ben Hur in Sumbawa

The ferry was canceled on Thursday so I was stuck on Flores for another day. Chartered a motorcycle with driver to see more of the Island and some caves. Very friendly, green, and pretty little villages. Afterwards he showed me his home and seven days old son.

The Friday ferry to Sumbawa was going, rather late, and it was a bit of a rust bucket; shall we say, proven technology. On Sumbawa, a bus took us to Bima, then another to the other side of the Island, then another ferry to Lombok, then Senggigi. Took 24 hours and no sleep was possible because Sumbawa is very mountainous and the bus was careening around tight curves all the time. But the views were great. They still use horse carts as taxis; they call them benhurs.

I write this on the beach, waiting for the restaurant to grill my fresh fish, next to the fancy hotel where we rented a beach bungalow. We think we deserve some luxury after the bus ordeal.