Heart of the Inca kingdom

Cusco in Peru’s sacred valley was the center of the Inca kingdom. They fought against Pizarro here, and lost. Today Cusco shows almost no trace of its Inca heritage, apart from some foundations here and some walls there. The city was rebuilt by the Spaniards, often by tearing down Inca monuments to build their own churches.

One of those Inca monuments is Saqsaywaman, a huge Inca fort on a hill at the edge of Cusco. Only 20% escaped destruction, but the remaining triple walls, built from tight-fitting stones up to five meters high, are amazing. So is the panorama up there.

Cusco is a pleasant and beautiful town, with all the amenities. Our hotel has a wonderful hot shower, internet, and even heating. You’d think that heating would be obvious high up in the Andes, where the winters get really cold, but it isn’t.