This will be the last country in South America before this blog returns to its mission, promise. We spent a little time in Copacabana’s markets, marveling at cubic-meter sized bags of popcorn, and trying Inca Kola, à pale yellow soda that tastes like children’s bubble gum balls.

Getting from Copacabana in Bolivia to Puno in Peru, at the other end of Lake Titicaca, is easy, it’s four hours by bus and simple border formalities.

Our first impression of Puno is that Peru does seem richer than Bolivia – excepting Bolivia’s jewel, Sucre. Modern shops replace wares on blankets spread on the ground, there are restaurants not lit by fluorescent tubes, and no animals. But Puno isn’t beautiful and doesn’t have much to see, apart from Lima St and the green plazas at both ends, and a handful of monuments.

After a week of pretty uniformly awful Bolivian food, we gave in and had typical local food: pizza. And it wasn’t bad. I’ll be more enthusiastic about the food when I reach Asia.