The birthplace of the Inkas

There’s just a few scheduled boats to and from Isla del Sol and they are not convenient. So we hired our private boat to take us to the north of the island, and from there to the ruins of Chincana, which is said to be the birthplace of the Inkas. Chincana is a maze of twisty little passages and rooms, with very low ceilings where ceilings still exist, built halfway up a hill over a large bay. We had it pretty much to ourselves, and a horde of local children playing hide-and-seek, because the inconvenient boats arrive later. We had a local guide but he spoke mui poco ingles, and my Spanish consists mostly of pattern-matching French words.

We are now in Copacabana, after a microbus ride over the worst dirt road in the world.

I wish I could show one of my fantastic pictures but my SD card broke, and my last backup was on the night before. (I do backups because I am a software engineer so I know for a fact that computers are out to get me.) Third failure of a Transcend card, and this time losing all data… I suppose I will never give Transcend another chance in my life, a brand, once burned, stays dead.

Anyone know a good FAT image recovery tool?