Did Hobart’s museum circuit during the short time window when things open here. The Maritime Museum has all sorts of models and items used during Australia’s colonization; the Penitentiary Chapel is a church on the upper floor and solitary confinement cells – some only a little larger than coffins – for British convicts, and the Tasmanian Museum shows aborigine art, animals, and various galleries. They are all very well done. Whenever the subject of history comes up in Australia, it’s all about the aborigine genocide and abuse of convicts. Australia is doing its best to educate and atone.

Also went to Richmond, a historic village north of Hobart. I managed to find a tourist bus that goes there because there is virtually no public transport in Tasmania; you really can’t properly visit this place without a car. Richmond is very small, and everything there is cute. Cute little wooden houses in cute gardens overflowing with colorful fragrant flowers, cute little souvenir shops and cafes, even a cute little colonial penitentiary. If they hadn’t poured four lanes of asphalt through town it would look like a toy city. Which they have there, too: a scale model of Hobart. The bus goes through green fields, hills, and a few vineyards.