Quiet day. I have spent so much time in buses, hurrying from one place to the next, that I thought a rest day was in order. I went to the beach, and walked for several hours through rice fields and little villages. They have lots of roadside shrines, mostly consisting of a little empty throne and some offerings of fruit. Bali is nominally Hindu, but there are a lot of animistic gods and sprits to appease as well. I didn’t ask if they did some controlled studies to verify whether the fruit voodoo works or is just a waste of fruit. Finally I went back to the hotel and spent the afternoon at the pool. Fragrant Frangipani blossoms float on the water, and the staff brings cool juice. I managed to catch up on reading a little.

Tomorrow I’ll be off to some small islands off the coast of Lombok. I’ll probably drop off the Internet for a while.