The neighborhood of N’Gor of Dakar can be reached only by two roads, the rest is blocked by a large military airport. The place feels very different from downtown Dakar: it’s very rich, modern, and clean, and half of it is new development. Large billboards advertise split-level luxury condos that are in total contrast to the rest of the country. Many embassies are here.

Walked to Pointe des Almadies, the westernmost point of continental Africa. Some guy in fatigues walked up to me and claimed the area is private, probably trying to extract money. But he did it in poor English so I blitzed him with text and deliberate misunderstandings until he gave up. It’s easy to do that to someone not in full command of a language, believe me, I know.

Further down the coast is the monumental Monument de la Renaissance Africaine. Heroic guy with a heroic woman and a heroic child, looks somehow Soviet. Last stop before returning home.