The name sounds like Dior but it’s another simple small village down the coast. No luxury here. I am staying with a local family in their simple home. There is little design, everything is practical. Things are stacked on the floor where necessary, plastic lawn chairs, curtains for doors, no windows in the rooms. The toilet is a hole in the floor in a small stall in the yard, and they heated a bucket of water for me to have a kind of shower in the next stall.

Still feels very much like a home, children all over the place and friends drop in all the time. One little girl of may 2 years old was endlessly fascinated that I have hair on my arms and legs, people here don’t.

It’s also much more fun having a village shown to me by a respected elder, than exploring on my own and feeling like an intruder. People were greeting all the time, children have their photo taken and scream with delight when they see themselves on the camera screen, and seeing other people’s homes. The village is also quite clean, there are only small garbage dumps outside.

Saw a baobab whose trunk diameter was so enormous that the Americans would dig a tunnel through it for cars.