Where the tourists are

It’s so amazingly quiet in my Mbour resort, I wanted to find out where all the tourists are. They are 6km to the north, in Saly, where the buffet hotels and French hypermarchés are. Saw people with white skin, and despite Ramadan the restaurants are open. I’ll spare you the pictures because I didn’t take any.

It’s a long way to walk in the heat. Same dusty streets as before but somehow a little greener, more flowers, and almost no cars. (But those that do drive look like the front may fall off any minute.)

Got some water on the way at a small bakery, and we spent a long time chatting. She was graciously pretending that I speak French well, while I was struggling with Senegalese French. They don’t use any of the nasals that make French what it is. She explained how hard it is to run a business as a woman, seven days a week and 15 hours per day, to feed her children. She would love to visit France but it is impossible.