Bogotá, Colombia

There was a time when Colombia was at the top of the American crime charts but no longer. Doesn’t mean it’s Switzerland now, but the biggest threat is now a taxi scam where they take the passenger hostage and force them to withdraw all their money.

The historical center is Candelaria, and that’s where I am staying in a beautiful historic building called Candelaria House with a really sweet and helpful owner. Almost all important sights are in walking distance. I do need to find out why the neighborhood to the south is marked on the hotel map with “area under development”, “area of no interest”, and “do not cross this avenue”. Sounds like they really mean it.

Candelaria is quite beautiful, with lots of ancient low houses that climb up the hills to the east, painted in bright colors. The center is Plaza de Bolivar with the cathedral and imposing government buildings. They had a party there ao loud that I ran away before it could turn my bones into jelly. The Berlin love parade is whispering in comparison.