Galway is a pretty small town on the west coast, and like the Ring of Kerry part of the Great Atlantic Way that connects all the destinations on the west coast of Ireland. The main street is pedestrianized and packed with tourists, but the town still somehow manages to be quiet and scenic, except where the street musicians demonstrate their inconsistent talents. Spectacular Fish and Chips.

The weather is still very Irish, cloudy, occasionally wet, and generally unsunny. Since it’s August, the locals are entitled to wearing shorts and that is what many do, a few even have flipflops. The weather has one advantage though, the grass really is much greener in Ireland!

I also learned why so many town names begin with Kil-, like Kilkenny and Killarney. It means Church in Gaelic, which is widely spoken and signed here. I am sure this explains the nearby town name Killaboy.

The little black boat on the photo below is very typical for Irish fishing boats here. It’s called a Galway Hooker for some reason.