Can’t put it off any longer, my vacation is nearly over and I need to get back to Bali. I don’t like Bali much. The Gilis have no motor vehicles; Lembongan has scooters; Bali is an unmitigated traffic hell. It’s so packed with scooters and cars that scooters sprint on sidewalks to get ahead. But only a few main roads even have sidewalks, so pedestrians need to walk in traffic. And these are old-fashioned loud and stinky gas scooters, not the quiet electric ones of Europe. There is virtually no public transport.

The beaches are wide but developed. Southern Bali has almost no Indonesian charm, it’s all pizza and burgers and spaghetti and malls and dodgy massage parlors for Australian mass tourism. It’s still possible to find charming places away from the towns – or should I say Bali City because all the towns have merged and share their gridlock. I am staying in a quiet villa in Canggu, which hasn’t quite been swallowed yet, staying away from the worst Bali has to offer.

One more night, a little time in the morning for a walk on the beach, then I need to get to the airport.