Gili Meno

Gili Meno is a small amoeba-shaped island between Gili Air and Gili T. It’s the quietest of the three. The map shows a road that follows the shore, but it’s really just the beach and occasionally a sandy trail. Most relaxed road ever. They put some planks on the deep spots so the horse buggies can pass. Some interior roads do have a pavement of sorts, but usually end in barely visible forest trails.

There are a number of small guesthouses, a handful of nicer ones, and a large modern resort under construction, but even that one is not disturbing the mellow vibe. There are a few of the obligatory beach barbeques. It takes a few hours to see all of it.

So what does one do on such a sleepy island? Eat, sleep, enjoy the sunsets, and dive of course. Or call the realtor numbers posted in a few places. I enjoyed it for a day but then it’s back to Gili Air.