Lombok to Gilis

Last day on Lombok, as usual visiting waterfalls. They have a lot of those on the slopes of the Rinjani volcano. The attraction is not just the water, but also the trek through the jungle to get there. This one, in the Geopark Rinjani, is exceptionally hilly, my poor guide (who cannot drink water due to Ramadan) and I were constantly climbing up or down, including some 400 steep stairway steps, in the usual humid heat.

We then went back to Bangsal harbor on Lombok, where a boat picked me up and brought me back to Gili Air. Instead of staying there again, I took up Jeff’s challenge and decided to visit Gili Meno, the extra quiet island west of Gili Air. The ticket office sent me to the wrong boat so I missed the last public boat of the day, but people in southeast Asia are incredible problem-solvers, so they found me another boat. (Which had a dead motor but that problem was quickly solved with yet another boat too.)

So I am now on Gili Meno. More on the island tomorrow, I got to the island rather late and spent some time picking the best hotel. I don’t normally book ahead.