Pink Beach

The southeast of Lombok is a peninsula with many perfect beaches that somehow no-one, not the tourists and not the developers, have discovered yet. There is almost nobody there. Maybe it’s the single narrow road with problematic pavement, but elsewhere such things get fixed with a four-lane freeway in no time. Well, I enjoyed it while I could, and walked barefoot the entire length and back. It’s called pink beach but the only pink thing there is me.

Ramadan is now in full swing on Lombok. Muslims cannot eat or drink between sunrise and sunset, in this heat! There is a ridiculous number of mosques here, always one within sight and sometimes two or three, where people go to celebrate sunset. Streetside food vendors prepare for this moment hours before.

The downside is battling muezzin who blare their messages from their minaret loudspeakers until after 3:00 in the morning, and just briefly pause until the 5:00 prayer. Hard to sleep even with earplugs! I don’t speak Bahasa but a message like “Aooooo chow chow chow chow” probably isn’t specifically religious.