Lembongan, Indonesia

Finally, after three years of Corona, I am properly back in Asia! Back home we still occasionally get snow at night but here it’s 30+ degrees C. The taxi driver who took me from Bali’s Airport to the ferry harbor knew what snow is but has never seen it. I felt his hesitating curiosity at something so alien.

The ferry from Bali to the small island called Lembongan just runs up the beach, and lets the passengers jump off into the water and wade ashore. That’s exactly how one should arrive at a tropical paradise. I love the small islands near Bali because Bali itself has long lost its charm to hordes of Australians looking for booze and parties. Lembongan still has peaceful beachfront bars, small boats bobbing in the surf, hills with unspoiled views, and almost no cars.

I am sitting at a terrace at my hotel, sipping a pineapple shake, and contemplating the sunset and tomorrow’s reef dive. It’s only been a few hours but already I only have a vague recollection of what a git merge request might be.