Malta 2021

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean sea, between the Italian island of Sicily and the African coast. It is a member state of the EU. Its location was strategic, it controlled trade between the western and eastern Mediterranean. It was under the control of the order of the Knights of Malta, which were involved in Jerusalem in the 11th century. The order became extremnely rich, which still shows in Malta’s capital, Valletta – the cathedral is an almost obscene orgy in gold and marble, and paintings by Caravaggio during his time on Malta.

Valletta is mostly its old town established by the knights. Narrow and often steep roads, which still don’t stop way too much car traffic. The trademark feature of Valletta and other towns are the colored covered balconies. Most of the attractions are on the main island; the smaller island of Gozo to the west and tiny Kemmuna in between does not have large towns. Malta is rather dry, no forests here. I spent a week there in September and loved it!